The world of wood sculptures

Wood carvings from Val Gardena

Welcome to the Demetz Patrick woodcarvings laboratory, renowned all over the world thanks to the long tradition of wood carving. The artistic craftsmanship of Val Gardena is in fact a century old tradition, which goes back to the 17th century.
In our online shop as well as in the wood carving store in S. Cristina in Val Gardena (Italy), you will find wood carved statues representing religious and secular figures, a wide range of Christmas nativity scenes, angels, animals, cuckoo clocks, gift ideas as well as modern figures. It is a pleasure to welcome you to our world of local craftsmanship and we remind you that our customer service is always at your disposal for any request or information. Enjoy your visit!
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Calendar of Saints

Saints of the day

25. May
St. Gregory VII
26. May
St. Filippo Neri
28. May
St. William of Gellone
29. May
St. Maximin of Trier
30. May
St. Hubertus
31. May
St. Servatius
1. May
St. Peregrine
2. May
St. Antony of Florence with skull
3. May
St. Jacob
4. May
St. Florian guardian saint of the home
5. May
St. Sigrid
6. May
St. Marie Caterin of rose of Viterbo with cross and book
7. May
St. Gisela of Hungary
8. May
9. May
St. Beatus
10. May
St. Gordianus
11. May
St. Gandolf
12. May
St. Imelda with book and host
13. May
Madonna of Fatima
14. May
St. Matthias
15. May
St. Sophia with book and palm
16. May
St. Ubald with book
17. May
St. Paschal Baylon with monstrance
18. May
St. Eric
19. May
St. Bernarda Büttler with book
20. May
St. Bernardino of Siena with cross and sun
21. May
St. Constantine the Great
22. May
St. Giulia with book
23. May
St. Desidery with book
24. May
St. Esther